Making an Impact

Below is an incredible example of the impact Harley had on one young woman. Thank you to Melissa for sharing her story! (in the photo below, Melissa is just to the right of Harley – closest to him)

“I can’t even remember how it all started except I was following this one-eyed little puppy mill survivor on facebook. In the evening I would wait for his goodnight photo. I then realized how special he was … his dream of ending puppy mills became mine. I’ve been a dog groomer for 20 plus years, rescued tons of animals and always volunteered at the shelters. I knew of puppy mills, but Harley made me aware. I found myself following Harley on facebook day and night. Then a meet-up was posted … he was coming to Florida. I don’t know why, but I would have lost my job to meet him. They weren’t sure which day so I took off both. I left at 9am to get to Vero Beach which takes 2 hours from where I live, the meet-up was at 3pm. I was not going to miss Harley or get lost … I was going to be there when he arrived and I was. What I felt was amazing to be around Harley, Dan and Rudi. It made me relieve I wanted to do more. I booked my trip to Colorado and set up dates to volunteer at National Mill Dog Rescue, and I was ready to attend Hops and Harley. Harley is gone now and because of him I’m following through. I’m thinking of moving there and helping puppy mill dogs all because I fell in love with a one-eyed dog on facebook, a true animal hero. I love you Harley. I think of you everyday and I am part of your mission til the day I cross over the rainbow bridge. Hugs and kisses. Love, Melissa from Florida”

Harley Meet and Greet in Vero Beach, Florida


  1. Oh my gosh I am in this picture it was a very special day for me as well when I got to hold little Harley. I am the short little gray-haired lady on the left all the way in the back.


  2. Wow! What a difference maker, inspired by other difference makers! You all make we want to do more, to be better, everyday! Xoxo


  3. I feel the same way.I,too,am an owner of a puppy mill survivor and as soon as I started following Harley,I fell in love with him and his mission.I will try to honor his memory and all the good he did.


  4. Harley is one Special little Hero! The good Lord gave him a purpose and Rudi and Dan had that same dream!! What an inspiration to any animal lover! I would have given anything to have held this sweet little fellow, he was magical to say the least!! Puppy Mills are being shut down daily, due to the perseverance of this little fellow and his Special parents!! His dream is alive and will continue due to the hundreds of people that believe also! I love you Harley, you are in my heart, and always will be, your magic is alive and well!!! #HarleysDream


  5. you are very lucky to have met Harley – I had hoped to meet him at Hops for Harley – but I am trying to make it this year to honor #HarleysDream


  6. Melissa ! What a great story and testimony to Harley and National Mill Dog Rescue! I too plan to visit Colorado and visit/volunteer at NMDR. I live in Las Vegas, NV and have been involved in rescue for 25 years……have 3 mill dogs, one used in Labratory testing and just took an ME *megasophagus chihuahua puppy that was going to be euthanized! Harley is an inspiration and we all must continue #HarleysDream


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