Harley Loved Hiking

Harley enjoyed riding in his sling. In this picture we were on a short hike in the mountains and he was so happy, so content. He loved looking around and smelling the air. He knew he was free and he appreciated it. It is said that dogs “live in the moment” and Harley was really good at that … but he never forgot where he came from. His past created his wisdom. Harley was the wisest dog I have ever known. -Mom

Harley in sling during a hike


  1. It truly warms my heart to know that Harley enjoyed five years of such well-deserved bliss with you and Dan. Beautiful photo and wonderful words. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, feelings and timeless images of sweet Harley!


  2. Rudi and Dan – I cannot Thank you enough for this continued ‘therapy’ in sharing all of your treasured memories with Harley. Such a sweet, little creature making such a huge impact on the world! Harley was loved by so many all over the world, it truly is amazing. I hope your days are filled with beautiful memories of Harley. Thank you! #HarleysDream


  3. I love these moments with precious Harley..
    They help feed my soul..
    Thank you, Rudi, Dan and all who make these happen ♥♥



  4. Wonderful picture – knowing where he came from made everything special to him – #HarleysDream


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