Who is Harley?

After spending 10 years living in a cramped, filthy cage in a puppy mill – where he’d lost an eye when his cage was power-washed, Harley, on the brink of death, was finally freed. He immediately received much-needed medical care and found love with a special family. He thrived. To the surprise of the veterinary community, this strong-spirited little 6 pound Chihuahua continued going strong in spite of medical conditions which were the result of his years living in a cage. For five years Harley worked hard educating children and adults alike about puppy mills. Harley had personally participated in the freeing of more than 700 dogs from puppy mills across the Midwest, and raised the money that gave freedom to hundreds more.

Harley always seemed well aware that his life had a purpose. Whether it was a fundraiser in his honor that drew 2,000 people, or visiting an elementary school classroom to educate our youngest generation about where pet store puppies really come from, Harley’s magical personality grasped the hearts of all who met him. He’d been featured on the cover of popular magazines and on television and radio, and he was considered a social media sensation.

Sadly, Harley passed away on March 20, 2016 but his legacy lives on. This little one-eyed dog is known worldwide. Harley continues to inspire hope and confidence in people of all ages who are able to relate to his less-than-perfect appearance, and he continues to be the voice for the hundreds of thousands of dogs living in cages in puppy mills today. #HarleysDream




  1. Harley I will never forget you – you opened my eyes and gave me a purpose – #HarleysDream


  2. Harley your dream is still going strong. Teddy is helping rescue more dogs from puppy mills. Miss you so much Harley. #HarleysDream #HarleysDreamKeeper ❤❤❤😪


  3. Everything that was written about Harley was exactly right coming from a a devoted friend and fan of his. He sure did love his parents and he was one of a kind. I fell in love with him the minute I saw him on facebook! Harley will continue to spread the word about Puppy Mills, he will,forever stay in the hearts of all who loved him. Love, Mary Ann ( one of his biggest fans) 🐶👍🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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