Harley Continues to Give Hope

Harley continues to give hope and inspiration!

“I’m a therapist that works with inmates in the jail and then helps to re-integrate them into the community once released. By the time they get to me, they are hopeless. They can’t find a job because of their criminal record. They have no money. They are typically living on the streets. They have no family left, as they’ve burned those bridges, and their friends are all drug users. The first thing they see when they walk into my office is Harley (calendar), and every time, they never fail to ask about him. They ask why he’s missing an eye. I tell them about where he came from and what he has done to better the lives of so many, both mill dogs and humans alike. Harley gives them hope that they can rebuild their lives. He reassures them that their past does not define them, and that they can overcome any obstacle if they choose to. Harley is, in every sense of the word, their hero. And he is mine.” -Stephanie

Harley (7)



  1. Perfect! Harley is the perfect source of inspiration and hope for those who feel there is no hope!!


  2. I will say this when I 1st laid eyes on Harley I felt pure anger.i wanted to hurt this person our persons something bad…..I am an X-Con my OID#168432
    I know what’s it’s like to be locked in a cage for many years!yes I put myself young and dumb,I seen the story & photo of Harley!!! Boy I wanted little Harley to adopt I sent message after message to the Taylor family.begging to get him not knowing the Taylor’s rescued Harley..I will say this Harley has changed my life that little dog and his story’s.he gave me hope I guess every day is struggle for me out here.but I look at the photos and read Harleys story and I tell myself I must fight to stay out.i know that little Harley is gone damn it.but since his passing I buy a lot of his gear and yes I look at his calendar in my kitchen every morning.i just want to say Thank-You!!! To Harley I never got to meet that little guy damn I wanted too.and most of Thank You to the Taylor family…You sharing has touched millions of lives….including my personally…God bless Yous.

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  3. I felt Harleys pain I know what it’s like and mentally being in a cage breaks you down.at 1st you hate it but in the end you become dependent on them prison walls.same as for animals I know majority of people live with no problems our break the laws.but there has to be a better way there is no rehabilitating dogs locking them up in cages….same goes for humans all your creating is mental instability…..


  4. Harley was a tiny little guy that has given so many hope and inspiration. It will be such an amazing tribute to him when there will be no more puppy mills.


  5. great work – I also know of programs where inmates train therapy dogs – which seems to have a great rate of success in helping other. Once a door is open it is hard to close when one has hope


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