Sock Harley

This adorable “Sock Harley” was a gift from a very special young man who found inspiration in knowing and loving Harley. But what he certainly doesn’t realize is what an inspiration he’s been to me as well. He’s fighting some serious challenges in his own life and doing so with courage and determination … and his indomitable spirit has left me in awe. How lucky I am to call him my friend.

Sock Harley was made by Stacey Hsu of Original Sock Dogs. Even though Stacey was very busy with other orders, she agreed to rush this order for my dear friend. She took the time to lovingly create this wonderful (cuddly) gift so my friend could give it to me in time for Harley’s ‘celebration of life’ event.

~Rudi (Harley’s mom)

Harley sock dog (1)

Harley sock dog (2)



  1. Hi !
    My name is Sofi and I am from Québec City, Canada.
    I name my new dog Harley because
    of Harley the puppy mill survivor !
    In honor of Harley !
    See how Harley touch hearts of the people every where ! Far away In Québec City !
    We love you deer Harley !
    Rest in peace little dog whit a big dream ! You have done such a good job
    beautiful Harley !
    We love you forever !
    Sofi Poulin


  2. This adorable toy makes tears come to my eyes. How beautifull and thanks so much for sharing it with us. Thanks again for all that Harley meant to all of us.


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