Harley’s Sister, Olive

Olive got to help out at a National Mill Dog Rescue puppy mill awareness event last weekend. She is 4 years old and weighs 4lbs. And though she might look like a Chihuahua, she is really a Border Collie – Pit Bull cross!! (joking) She is very good at herding and playing fetch, and she can be very bold and intimidating … yet she is really very sweet and gentle.

Olive was rescued from a breeder of show dogs in Kansas. She was one of the “rejects” – not good enough for the show ring. So we happily took her off their hands. Many show breeders are actually small-scale puppy mills. They breed and breed, always trying to produce the finest quality dog for the show ring, but there are always the dogs that don’t make the cut. Sometimes these dogs get sold to the pet stores or online, and sometimes they are simply killed.

Harley loved Olive and Olive loved Harley.

Olive at NMDR event with Dan (2)


  1. And Olive slept with Harley when he had to go on his oxygen tent. I am sure she doesn’t understand why he isn’t with her any more.


  2. you can feel the love between Harley & Olive. Border collies are are great dogs to have –


  3. They were so perfectly precious together❤ I miss Sweet Harley and shed a tear for him every day. My Hero!


  4. Little Olive is just a doll. She is carrying on Harleys work! She is such a pretty little girl.💗


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