A Tribute to Harley’s Gramma

Besides Dan and I, there is only one person who spent a great amount of time with Harley … and that was his “Gramma Carole” (Rudi’s mom). She was Harley’s doggie-sitter ever since he came into our lives. Gramma (and Grampa) took care of Harley a combined total of 6-8 weeks each year. Before they moved to Colorado, they would drive all the way from Arizona to Colorado just to care for our dogs. Dan and I often had to travel internationally and we would be away up to 2 weeks at a time and there was no one we trusted more to care for our little ones. Carole knew everything about Harley, she took excellent care of him and she loved him as much as Dan and I. She misses Harley terribly. Harley was lucky to have such wonderful grandparents in his life!

Harley Grandma Gramma Carole

Harley Olive grandma gramma Carole





  1. ❤ Such a loving family. Harley was the luckiest of pups, even if he had to wait 10 years for his luck to "kick in". ❤


  2. Beautiful pictures of love for a little pup.

    Harley was a sweetheart.

    Grand Junction, CO


  3. Grandmas are wonderful. I will bet Harley loved going to grandmas. It is obvious from these pics that they have a very loving relationship. xxoo to you grandma.


  4. What beautiful pictures!! I know gramma’s heart is broken and she is missing little Harley so much!! You can tell Harley loved gramma also! Nothing in this world like a hug from your gramma!!!❤️


  5. it’s always nice to have a grandma – Great that she was so good with him and you are lucky to had her to watch over him


  6. Harley was truly loved by so many special people. I wish could have gotten to hold and hug him also. Glad that his senior years were filled with love. Pray that all the bad years were erased from his mind.


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