School Children Care About Puppy Mill Dogs

The following very sweet story was shared by Juli Maggio, a 4th grade teacher who is passionate about helping puppy mill dogs.

“I want to share with you something that happened today in my classroom. Our 4th grade classes at Ellicott Elementary School are getting ready for our fundraiser for National Mill Dog Rescue. Today I had a couple of my kids talk to the rest of my class about what NMDR does. Afterwards, the kids wanted to make posters to put up around the school talking about how we need to ‘adopt, not shop’. I had already talked to the class about Harley’s passing when we came back from spring break, so Harley was mentioned during the girl’s presentation. A little while later one of my girl’s came up and said to me, ‘We’re doing this for Harley.’ She then said, ‘I’m about to cry…’ and turned around and sat down at her seat. There was so much more compassion today in my classroom. Kids educating kids and spreading Harley’s mission.”


  1. These children are very compassionate😊.would also like to say Livestock should not be treated that way as well.


  2. Such a great tribute to sweet Harley from some very caring and special children.Harley would have been so proud that a young generations is carrying on his work.


  3. Juli, what you’re teaching will become part of these kids’ lives. I’m a former third grade teacher and I would have done the same thing had I known about Harley and puppy mills. Good job.


  4. I think it’s safe to say that none of these kids will grow up to be animal abusers! – Love them!


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