When people would ask Harley “Why does your tongue hang out?” this is what he would say:

“You see, when I lived in the puppy mill I had to drink from a rabbit water bottle, I never lapped up water like a regular dogs did, so I was never able to rinse my mouth and bacteria grew and rotted my teeth away. I never saw the vet or had my teeth cleaned, so my teeth started to fall out. I still had a few teeth and even one big snaggle tooth when I was rescued, but eventually I had to have those removed. When I was born I had all 42 teeth and now I have none. I don’t mind too much, except they do help hold your tongue in.”

I believe it was Dogly that started the #TongueOutTuesday trend.  They were big supporters of Harley and they created a campaign to raise awareness about puppy mills. This campaign also raised funds for National Mill Dog Rescue through their Dogly Do Good Grant Program. Dogly is a fun mobile app that helps shelters and rescue. Learn more about it here: www.dogly.com

Tongue Out Tuesday


  1. Love your little tongue, Harley. In fact, there’s not one thing about you that I don’t love!! I hope your Mom and Dad are feeling a bit better these days….


  2. I love and miss you dearly little Harley! My little chihuahua sticks her little tongue out too❤


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