We would not have given up the LOVE

This photo was very difficult for me to take. Harley’s ashes are in the purple velvet and even though I know his spirit is alive and strong, I’m desperately missing his physical little body. The beautiful angel arrived in the mail (anonymously) right after Harley passed. Dan’s words are so true… I would never give up the love.      -Rudi


  1. Dan and Rudi, Harley not only touched your heart but he also touched your souls. We love all of our fur babies but once, maybe twice in our lifetime, a special one comes into our lives, and we have that “special connection. ” They have a way to communicate to us, mere humans, their needs, wants and love. A look, a bark, going in a circle or a simple tail wag has meaning that a stranger just doesn’t understand. I believe Harley had that connection with you both and you are so lucky to have been able to share that unconditional trust and love. I am so honored to have known all of you thru your Facebook and Instagram posts. I still share your grief and everyday I give my little ones extra hugs. My thoughts, prayers and condolences will always be with you. Harley was and always will be The Special Little Dog with a Big Dream.


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