Isn’t Harley beautiful enough for the tail of a plane?

As many of you know, we recently entered Harley in the Frontier Airlines mascot contest. Had he won, he would have been on the tail of one of their new planes – a great way to honor Harley by spreading the message about puppy mills so much farther. Once entered, Harley quickly gained tremendous support thanks to you – his fans – and he also gained the support of several news stations, animal welfare organizations and even celebrities. Over the course of a week Harley reached over 37,000 votes and was in first place. He was well ahead of all other contestants.

It soon became clear that Harley had an excellent chance of winning the contest. Then, suddenly, Frontier Airlines suspended the contest. Their explanation was that there was voter fraud and they blamed international voters. (we downloaded the contest rules when Harley was first entered and there was NO mention that non-USA residents could not vote). A couple of news sources immediately picked up the story and implied that HARLEY WAS CHEATING. Dan spoke at length with the Denver Post and they revised their original inflammatory article. We have reached out to Jim Faulkner, spokesman for Frontier Airlines, but as of yet we have not heard back from him.

Yes, 37,000 votes in a week may seem staggering to some … but they don’t know Harley’s supporters!!! We know everyone has been voting with integrity and pure purpose, and we are grateful for all of your support in wanting to see Harley’s message carried even farther. We know his legacy will grow and his mission will continue to be shared around the world … because of you. Thank you.

We feel Frontier Airlines owes everyone a clarification and an apology – not a $20 travel certificate which they offered. (Many are asking Frontier to donate their $20 to National Mill Dog Rescue!)



Harley on tail of airplane


  1. This makes me so sad and angry. I personally put a reminder on my phone every day to remember to go online and vote for Harley. Shame on Frontier and the Denver Post! Wasn’t that the point of the contest? To vote for your favorite mascot? The number of votes for Harley is just proof of his mission and importance in the the lives of so many people.


  2. 37,000 votes is a drop in the bucket for Harley. He has over 90,000 FB followers !! Plus Twitter etc. I think that Frontier Airlines decided that their “free” advertising had run its course….


  3. Sad..
    so very sad that too many humans allow greed and soulless corporate pressure to usurp their hearts..
    and what they know is the right thing to do.

    #HarleyStrong ♥ ♥


  4. Apparently the weren’t ready for such a landslide of votes! They also need to keep up with what’s going on in the world. If they had taken a look at any Harley site they would soon realize that he is an International celebrity. We will remain #harleystrong!


  5. Thank you so much for these posts. It helps me remember Harley’s spirit and how much he touched my life!!! Please keep doing them. I’m no longer on Facebook very often. Love,Anne


  6. well, I believe in honor and integrity – I shared Harley’s post numerous times per day to get the word out – however, today, Frontier has the nerve to start sending me emails for their flights. if they have rescinded all our votes (and the other hopefuls) then they should be fair and not use the email addresses to promote their products


  7. We will continue Harley’s dream….he has impacted hundreds of thousands of people…I guess Frontier just didn’t know how much Harley was loved by all of us…sad…


  8. I think we should all demand that the 20.00 ‘s should go to National Mill Dog Rescue.I sure don’t want it & would definitely fly another carrier after this nasty way they have treated Harley.HE & WE ARE NOT CHEATERS.He just had a lot of fans before he passed & will continue to have forever.We all love that lil guy.❤


  9. I had a feeling when Harley entered this contest that if he was winning Frontier would pull some trick to keep him from being the winner. Frontier has no clue how many supporters Harley has and how important it is that puppy mills be eliminated. They wanted a handsome, tough looking mascot. They can’t understand that a little chihuahua, blind in one eye and that walks a little slow, is a real super hero. I challenge Frontier to donate the $20 they are offering as a voucher to each voters charity of their choice and to those who voted for, and support Harley, lets all request that Frontier donate $20 to NMDR in Harley’s memory to support eliminating puppy mills.


  10. I just got that mailing with the voucher for $20 and said to myself what am i going to do with this if i can donate it i would love to and so sorry about there new rules so unfair Harley has so much support and love you cant help it <e he deserved to win that would of been awesome to see his face on the planes soaring through the skies❤ so sorry but Harley is a winner to me and still a Hero❤


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