1. So heartbroken to hear about your loss. Your sweet boy touched more lives than you’ll ever know and his message will live on forever. Thank you for sharing him with the world❤️.


  2. My heart is breaking for you and your family on the loss of sweet little Harley. I cried all day when I learned of his passing. Such a brave soul and a determined survivor. At least he died knowing love, peace, and freedom. He left behind an amazing legacy.. God’s blessings in your time of grief.
    Love, Eleanor
    and my shelter rescues Kowl and Belle


  3. ..this beautiful image of unconditional love and *pure precious* needs no caption…
    ..but the words of sweet HARLEY that accompany it are beyond perfect ♥♥


  4. Must correct my above reply..
    I meant to say the words of HARLEY’s loving mom Rudi are beyond perfect…
    IMO, she speaks for so many who love him ♥♥


  5. Hang in there, Rudi. I’m thinking about you, Dan, and little Harley every single day. I feel so badly for all of you!


  6. I love & miss you so much Harley.I know your mom & dad miss you ,Give them signs that you are still with them in spirit & always will be.You will always be missed by everyone of us.


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