It was impossible to sleep last night

It was impossible to sleep last night without Harley between us. Instead, his tiny body slept beside us, wrapped in a blanket in a basket beside our bed. This picture was taken late on the night of the 19th, about 12 hours before Harley passed. We were in bed and he was so happy getting a belly rub from Dan. He was being silly which is why I grabbed my phone to take the picture. Right after that belly rub he gave us both kisses and then he went to sleep. Harley was a funny sleeper, always changing positions – on his back, tucked under my chin or into Dan’s armpit – he wasn’t easy to sleep with, but we never complained.

As you all know, Harley’s life was very public. He didn’t only belong to Dan and I, he belonged to you – his friends, his people. I will do my best to share with you as much as I can about Harley’s last week. Harley would expect that, and I hope it will be therapeutic as well.

We are tremendously sad, it’s overwhelming. It’s hard to type through such swollen eyes. This tiny dog left such a huge hole in our hearts. Today took his body to be cremated. This is so tough.

Thank you for loving this little mill dog so much. Harley knew how loved he was.

~Rudi (Harley’s mom)

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